I think a few of us must have crossed a black cat recently because we’ve had quite some luck; our monthly dress-down day landed perfectly on Halloween and we took it as an other-worldly sign that we were to do something a bit fun and different… what better than a bake sale for charity!

O-K… so we do bake sales quite often, not really that different I hear you say.

BUT, this time we made sure there was only themed entries!


Congrats to Charlotte who won the competition for best cake (pictured above, aren’t they great!) & to the directors who managed to try a slice of everything and not throw up… although they are now in cake-comas. And a quick shout out to Tanith at The Big Daily Deal Company who kindly donated one of our prizes – thanks again 🙂

Sadly no one came in fancy dress, but we did organise a raffle that raised £70 in one fell swoop (impressive, we think) and we have a cheeky game of Guess How Many Sweets (because you’re never too old for that kind of thing).

Have a safe & treat-filled Halloween – fingers crossed for no tricks – and we’ll see you all on Monday!


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