3 Easily Forgotten Interview Prep Tips

Job interviews can be pretty tricky, and you may find yourself asking around or looking on the internet for some help with what you should do before, during and after. I’m sure you already know all the general tips of wearing appropriate attire, making sure to ask questions, etc… but there are a few things that might not have even occurred to you to do.

Racking your brain right now? Don’t worry, I’ll enlighten you.

ONE. You may have heard preparation is key, which it is, and that you should research the business beforehand, which you should – brand, website, social media, mission statement, culture fit, competitors, etc. – but also be prepared on a personal level. Get a good night sleep, eat healthy (no alcohol or caffeine is a good shout) and plan your journey. Check weather and traffic reports and ensure you have allowed enough gas to get yourself there, you don’t want any delays if you can help it.

TWO. You may have heard that you should take various things with you to your interview (CV, certificates, work examples, ID, etc.), which you do need to do, but one thing you no doubt will have on you that needs further consideration… your mobile phone. If you don’t usually, be sure to leave it on overnight so that you don’t miss any early calls or texts in case your interview unfortunately is cancelled or moved – you should leave it on all the way up until you are at your place of interview for this very reason. It also helps in case you need it for Google Maps or to confirm with your Recruitment Consultant (if you went through one) that you’re still attending.

THREE. You may have heard that you should supply the prospective employer with references, which you most certainly should, but don’t forget to actually inform your references that you’ve applied for a job and reached interview stage. Allow your contacts time to prepare and give a good reference rather than being surprised, and possibly lost for words, when they inevitably get the call. Second interviews and offers can be retracted based on a bad reference, so don’t take that chance.

FYI, we have more tips and example question/answers on our website if you want further guidance on interviews.

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