Company Optimisation at Christmastime

Tis nearing the season to be jolly, put the heating up high, constantly snack on festive treats and begin to wind down, BUT, businesses cannot afford to have you wind down just yet (our Ops director won’t allow us to, for sure!)

So, I’ve put some reminders together to make sure that you are fully prepped for the holiday season.

Reach Out and contact new and existing clients by phone to take advantage of how easy conversation flows around this time of the year. Drop some small talk in about the weather or turkey roasts!

Turn down the radio – I know we all love the tunes, but they are ultimately a distraction. And, there’s nothing worse than getting caught up singing Let It Snow and realising you’ve been off hold for the whole chorus.

Take a break and use the remaining holiday days you have. One, it’s a waste if you can’t carry them through to the new year, and two, you can utilise this time to get personally prepped for the big day. This means that when you are in work you aren’t worrying about what needs to be done at home.

Say no to the fifth snack being offered to you… sure, have a few, but you don’t want to fall into a sugar-coma and be too full and lethargic to get your work done.

Make to-do lists and stick to them – Nov/Dec are busy months so it’s best to plan as early as you can and prioritise your tasks, especially as multi-tasking can often become quite tricky with all the additional distractions.

And, last but not least… Be jolly because getting into the festive spirit can actually influence those around you in a positive way!

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