The Run-Up Until You-Know-What!

With the festivities on our doorstep I thought I’d let you all know about some of the things we’ve done over November and stuff that’s coming up on the last month of 2015.

As you will know from a previous post, we celebrated our 10th Birthday with fun-filled days of events, treats, and fund-raising for Alder Hey. So far, we’ve raised thousands of pounds and our total will continue to climb as we still have keys to sell for our lock-box grand prize give-away!

Those of us in Sales brought back one of our traditions, “The Christmas Swear Jar”. Set up by our resident Grinch (I will name no names… you know who you are) we have been fined 20p every time we say “Christmas” (including abbreviations) for a whole month. Our admin team jumped on this band-wagon towards the end of November, but I wouldn’t hold out for an all-office attempt next year… we have been warned by Accounts that they will never be able to contain their festive spirit enough to take part!!

Last year the Sales team said it almost 300 times and now with a doubled work-force, well, I think we’ve topped it. The money raised in 2014 went towards a little festive cheer in the form of sweets and treats – a thanks and congrats to each other for all the hard-work put in throughout the year – but this year we’re adding our total to the charity pot!

We have a few other office traditions that are soon to come into play too:

On Christmas Jumper Day (Friday 18th) we’ll each bring in a pound or two as part of our last office fundraiser of the year, however, we do plan on doing some table games to raise a few bob at our Christmas Party held this year at Chester Racecourse.

Speaking of which… it’s always an entertaining night, and certainly something we look forward to, as is our awards section of the evening. Hopefully you don’t win worst-dressed again, Tom!

And finally, it wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa. Our Secret Santa presents are passed around on the Eve, our last day, as we all say goodbye to 2015 together and stuff our faces with mince pies 🙂

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