New Year… New Job?

You may have read across the internet in the past few weeks that 2016 may see many people job-hopping; according to quite a few posts, up to as much as half of the UK workforce may be looking for new employment!

However, it’s important to know why so many people may be changing jobs this year, and (if you’re unlucky enough to be losing staff) it’s important to ask them WHY before they disappear.

Here are many reasons as to why people leave their jobs:

  • Poor work relationships/company culture
  • Lack of recognition/empowerment/responsibility
  • Feeling unchallenged, or the opposite, over-worked
  • And of course, unfair pay (or better pay offers elsewhere)

As the employer, if you want to keep hold of them then it’s time to get your negotiation-hat on!

Changeable elements that may re-engage unhappy employees could be…

  • Monetary: raise, performance bonus, travel expenses/car allowance
  • Job-Specific: increase in performance reviews, review of job title/role/duties, review of work hours and flexibility
  • Benefits: increase of days annual leave, professional training or memberships, club memberships or discounts

The thing to remember is: be reasonable if an employee wants to leave – not many of them will do it without serious consideration. Just as you shouldn’t counter-offer unless it makes good business sense!


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