Social Media: How to Job Search

Social media is like ancient Egypt: writing things on walls and worshipping cats. ~ George Takei

…and that may be so, BUT, social media is definitely that and more.

For example, social networks provide easy access to job opportunities and trends in your field of interest.

Getting job searching right on…


  • Have a separate professional and public account
  • Ensure your online description and photo is appropriate
  • Follow, Share & Tweet to relevant companies or influential figures
  • Search for opportunities with keywords and hashtags (we use #jobsearch a lot on our twitter feed!)


  • Your headline, name and profile photo are the only visible elements on searches (before clicking into full profile) so they are important to get right
  • Build up contacts to increase your chances of getting in touch with the right people
  • Join relevant groups to stay adrift of industry news and make like-minded or influential connections
  • Follow the companies you’d be interested in working with via their Company pages
  • Gather recommendations and endorsements


  • Add your credentials to your separate professional profile (“Edit Profile” > “Work and Education”)
  • Network – it’s unexpected on this platform which might actually give you an edge
  • Make status updates to inform your friends/family of your situation, who knows, they might be able to help
  • Create an ad for yourself!


Social media is also quite important with regard to your reputation as a potential employee – using it isn’t an option for recruitment agencies or hiring managers like it used to be – now it is absolutely essential in order to network and create valuable contacts.

But just remember that these potential employers can see your online presence! So make sure your settings are on private if you’re a social media enthusiast and your accounts are full of selfies & other unprofessional media… like cat videos.

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