Job Offer Jitters – Normal, or Not?

Big life decisions such as a career change requires time for reflection – even if you’re 99% sure you’re accepting the new offer – after all you might want to enter negotiations on some element of the new role.

I’ve put some questions and comments together that might help you out if you’re struggling to make your decision…

How does the opportunity line up with your career aspirations? As a new career, you’ll want to make sure that the prospective employer provides ample opportunities (and the support) to advance and grow.

Were you happy with how the interview was conducted? It’s hard to judge people after only meeting them briefly, but… were they friendly? Did they ask you personal questions? Did you attend a second interview? Did they truly consider how well you’ll fit into the existing team?

How does it feel to talk about your current job in the past tense? If it’s no hardship then you’re probably ready to move on, but if you’re a bit jittery then you need to suss out whether it’s just transition nerves or something more.

Are you wondering if you should wait for a better offer? If it’s not your dream job, maybe you find yourself wanting to hold out. At the end of the day, only you can decide if earning right away should be prioritised over job satisfaction.

Have you discussed the role to your family or friends and admitted worries over certain aspects of it?  Seeking some advice or support is natural, but we don’t usually crowdsource decisions that we are confident about.

Are you satisfied with the benefit scheme of the new company? It may not matter much to you, but any form of extra effort on the company’s part to satisfy their staff shows good culture and usually points towards an overall successful business.

After taking some contemplative time for yourself, if the job offer isn’t what you want… then say no!

The way I see it is: if you’re rejecting all the wrong opportunities that enter your path then all you’re doing is making yourself available for the right one to come along.

And, to end on a very fitting quote…

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. ~ Milton Berle

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