Eating Healthy before a Big Day

Whether you’ve got an important interview, public speech or business presentation, here are some tips to starting your day on the right foot (or should this be spoon?)…



Oatmeal and other cereals that are high in fibre reduces stress, whilst Greek Yogurt will boost your mood.

Fish, white meat, & eggs (lean protein), nuts, flax seeds, leafy green veggies & avocados can improve focus, memory and mental awareness – basically overall brain performance!

Caffeine will give you a bit of a buzz and make you more alert. However, drinking too much tea or coffee will make you jittery and you will eventually crash.



Too many carbs – Eating heavy foods like potatoes, bread, and pasta will make you feel tired, less alert, and unfocused.

Brocolli, beans, garlic, onions & spice… An obvious one. Avoid the bloated & growling belly and save these stinky foods until after.

Sugars and fats will certainly make you crash. It’s important that you are alert and not in a food-coma because you couldn’t resist the greasy fast food.



Eat at least 1-2 hours before your interview/event to ensure that your food is in the very least partially digested and taking effect.

Liquid courage is never a good idea. Stick to drinking water – but remember not to chug it down, for obvious reasons.

Try to eat healthy every day, not just when you’ve got something important to prep for… taking care of your body and mind should be high on your priority list!


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