The Importance of Catch-Ups

In recruitment, there are benefits for all types of business meetings. If you’re like us (the agency) then you’re the supplier, and it is quite necessary to make the first move and clear the time to meet both the clients and customers you serve. 

All lasting business is built on friendship ~ Alfred A. Montapert

Requesting a client meeting provides an opportunity to invite feedback on your services – you can then use this feedback as guidance and create a plan to improve upon the relationship and services you supply.

Client catch-ups also provide the opportunity to understand what they are experiencing as part of the market, where they know the next big projects to be and who might be sub-contracting. This information can be used to help clients, customers and yourself.

A quick catch-up with a customer (i.e. prospective candidate) presents an opportunity for the candidate to raise any concerns about the role or company you may be putting them forward for. You can then act on their behalf and raise these concerns with the client, resolving any issues and allowing the candidate to get the most out of the career opportunity.

Finally, and this applies to all meetings, being face-to-face is a far more personal approach, which is always more conducive for better communication and longer-lasting business relationships.

A satisfied customer is the best strategy of all ~ Michael LeBoeuf


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