Top Tips for Email Subject Lines

How do you judge whether the emails sat in your inbox are worthy of your time and attention? You look at two things: who sent you the email but also the all-important subject line…

So when you’re sending the email you need to keep this in mind; obviously, you want your subject line to be interesting and engaging but you also need it to be timely and fairly brief – just like this blog post will be!

Straight into the tips…


1. Keep it short

50 characters or fewer – 20 is about average.


2. Keep it sweet

Think of your subject line as a tweet – short but effective!

TELL what’s inside – don’t sell it (at least not in the subject line).


3. Include numbers

Numbers help to set expectations for what’s inside and implies that the content is succinct (perfect for the lazy readers out there that don’t want to scroll through pages and pages of boring text).


4. Ask questions

If asked a question, we usually feel compelled to respond – or at least I do.


5. Don’t do this…

Avoid using promotional phrases (so cliché), CAPS (bit too forceful), or exclamation marks (trying too hard).


6. Invoke action

Urging your readers toward some sort of action (downloading something, registering for something, attending something) inspires open rates and clickthroughs.


Give it a go – you need to go through some trial and error before you find what works for your business and readers but you’ll get there!

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