How To: Improve your Job Ads

In this day and age, where recruitment is increasingly competitive, it is important to get your job adverts spot on so that you are attracting the very best talent to your positions.

So, take heed of our top tips for effective adverts:

1. Don’t bore

Absolutely no one wants to read a mind-numbing job ad that takes 10 mins to scroll through and is totally uninspiring and unimaginative. Ensure your advert is exciting in order to make your target audience excited about the prospect of a career with you.

BUT, you mustn’t get rid of the necessary details because you think they’re boring. Salary expectation and location must be clearly stated in your advert – and if they are, you’re more likely to capture the attention of suitable applicants.

The one thing that can be boring, however, is the job title for your position… think about it, would job-seekers be more likely to search for “Talent Delivery Specialist” or plain old “Recruitment Consultant”? Keep it simple so that your advert reaches more candidates.

2. Sell, sell, sell

Of course you need to sell the job but don’t think that this means listing every essential/desirable criterion you can think of. If you do this, you are more likely to deter candidates and make them feel they’re not suitable even though they could be an 80% match. Instead, keep it brief, try to list only the absolute requirements for the job and trust that you can assess their skills and relevancy at interview stage.

And now, sell your company!

Point your audience to your website or social media platforms so they can learn more about who you are. Explain how the company has grown and progressed since it’s creation so they see the possibility of career progression. List the values of your company so your audience understands whether they would be a good cultural fit. Mention the benefits of working in the business (do you provide paid company training, the option to work from home, transportation reimbursement, casual Fridays, gym membership..?).

4. Be direct

Remove all third-person language from your ads. You must focus on the individual interested enough to read your advert by creating language that speaks directly to them. You need to motivate them into believing they can be accepted for the role, not making them believe there’s a pool of hundreds just like them and there’s no point in even applying.

Would it have been so effective if the Lord Kitchener poster said “your country needs a specific candidate who has this much experience, has a degree in this, this many years in this role, proven responsibilities of this, this, this” instead of just “YOU”… ?



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