Your Career, Your Move

Switching career may seem like a great idea when you’re unhappy with where you’re at… but is starting over really the best option for you?



If it’s your bosses or colleagues making you discontent then you may be better off looking for opportunities for your current job with a  different company – and not a whole new career.

If it’s the benefits, salary, location or working hours then you can try discussing this with your current employer. If they won’t budge on flexibility, you could always look for a different job in a similar field or at least in the same industry.

But, if it’s the fundamentals of the industry or job itself – the day-to-day responsibilities, lack of progression or opportunities – then this is when you may be best considering a different career path altogether.


It might be that initially the career you’re in was exactly what you wanted but the excitement has waned over time, or maybe it never lived up to your expectations.

If a little effort and asking the right questions is going to give you your spark back then maybe this career is something you should stick with.

Sometimes though, if you took the position to fill a gap or for monetary reasons, you’ll realise that whilst you’re good at the job you’re not actually interested in it at all.


Boredom occurs when you’re no longer being challenged, or there aren’t enough opportunities for growth, making you unmotivated and depressed – no one wants to be stuck in the same position and on the same salary for 10 years…

Do you feel you have more to offer your company? Maybe you’re overdue a promotion? Or perhaps you can take on a challenging new project or volunteer for new responsibilities?You could always see if an internal move is possible, if your skills are transferable to a different department.

If you don’t ask you don’t get!


Are there people you know in the career you want? Well get in touch with them, and if not, consider social media (LinkedIn or Twitter are probably the best avenues) in order to gain insight and information on what the new career path may involve.

Build your network, gain as much info on the industry as possible, get answers to all your questions – if you’re serious about a career change then try shadowing for a week – but definitely weigh all your options before jumping ship.


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