How To: Boost Company Morale

Employee discontent, frustration, boredom – how do you turn it all around?

Try these top tips for a happier, efficient and more successful workplace…


Communicate – identify the stress before it begins to affect productivity and work together to get through it without a drop in morale.

Relax – staying focussed, inside and in the same location all day is tiring and not healthy so make sure everyone takes their lunch hour away from their workspace!

Examples – stop the influence of negativity by keeping higher management an example of health and happiness.

Empower – allow staff ownership and control of their work and decisions, as well as helping them to see the value of their accomplishments.

Celebrate –  appreciate and praise individual or team efforts and publicly recognise what they have achieved, whether that’s a successful presentation, project or work anniversary.

Wellness – give employees access to wellness programs as they are proven strategies to help relieve workplace stress.

Team-Building – encourage employees to partake in workshops or exercises that help their team work more effectively together, whilst also being a bit of fun.

Camaraderie – set aside time for socialising and building friendships as employees who actively connect with each another creates a high morale environment.


 Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. ~ Dalai Lama


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