Say YES to Inexperienced Talent

There is HUGE potential in hiring inexperienced candidates as it gives you the opportunity to mould them into what you need for your company.

“Inexperienced” can vary between college or University leavers and entry-level workers with minimal work experience, to mid-career changers and seniors or full-time parents returning to work.

Just remember the paradox of needing a job to gain experience and needing experience to get a job – take the leap and you’ll find that your new hires will be more…



Most fresh candidates bring the willingness to learn and succeed to their job. This positivity should rub off on the office and revitalise the work-place.


If supported by a good environment and team, fresh employees will speak positively about your company and should hopefully think twice before jumping ship.


Many candidates may be inexperienced in your type of job, but, they will still have other valuable experience and perhaps transferable skills.


Inexperienced workers are usually open to learning new techniques, which makes training easier as you’re not attempting to over-come bad habits.


You needed someone to give you a break once upon a time, and they did – so now it’s time for you to give one, too.

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