Is Summer Season Bad for Hiring?

June-July is the time when offices becomes a whole lot quieter as staff take time off… and it’s important to realise that hiring doesn’t work without the people in place to lead the new team members.

You might be expanding the team, filling a new job role, opening an apprenticeship/graduate scheme or trying to cover holiday/maternity/paternity leave – whatever it is you are planning to hire for you need to make sure it’s the right time to do so.


Firstly, consider these situations:

1. Summer schedules: If summer means the peak for your industry, and staff is already manic (or simply not in the office), it’s probably not be the best time to hire. New employees MUST be oriented and trained properly and given the time and tools to succeed from day one. Know when your busy seasons are and try your best to plan (and hire) ahead of them.

2. School leavers: If you have adverts out on job boards or your website then expect applications and inquiries to go up significantly as now is the time college and University graduates are entering the job market in full-force. If you are not well-staffed or prepared to handle all the boom then you may need to wait.

3. Out of office: When hiring in the summer, you cannot allow your hiring process to slow down because decision makers are out of the office. Have another key member prepared to discuss or set up additional meetings, otherwise you may lose the candidate. If you can’t accommodate for this, then it’s an indicator that now isn’t the time to be scheduling interviews.


If summer turns out to be the wrong time to hire for your company, it’s still time to plan for potential hiring needs further down the line.

What’s good to remember is that many candidates aren’t as serious about the job search in the summer because they’ve taken time off for some time in the sun, too!


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