Do or Don’t Advertise the Salary?

Writing a job description can be pretty hard work, and that’s before you’ve decided how to advertise the position’s salary – or whether you should at all.

Here are 4 different ways to approach the conundrum:

By not listing a salary it allows you to offer the successful candidate whatever you feel is appropriate – whilst keeping it all private. Posting a specific salary can be disruptive if current employees view the advert and feel they should be making more than what is offered to a new member.

This supposedly attracts candidates with a genuine interest in the position who aren’t necessarily focussed on the highest salary available, meaning applicants hopefully are more concerned with being a happy employee (which is what you should want!). Starting low may also foster good will when hiring if you then offer higher than what was listed in the ad.

Be careful of setting it too low though, as candidates may not apply if they feel that no amount of negotiating will get the salary to their minimum; try to set a fair salary for the position, perhaps just under national average, just don’t be ridiculous.

If you can provide competitive salaries (over national average) then advertising this benefit can uncover applicants it might have missed – but, be careful, as it might also attract applicants who are chancing their arm for a high salary when they aren’t necessarily working at that level. It’s best if you list the salary as “UP TO” your highest figure, that way, you’re covered if you don’t feel the top amount is appropriate for the candidate you offer the position to.

Giving a salary range in a job post allows you some leeway, then depending on the experience and skills a candidate brings to the position, the business can offer what it feels is appropriate.

A business should be aware stating a range can lead to problems when it offers an initial amount as candidates may consider themselves to be at the top the range then feel disappointed if the company places them at the low end.


There are no right or wrong ways to advertise a salary. The best option will be one that matches well with the business culture.

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