Company Summer Parties

Employees spend their working days heads-down and focussed (or they should be!) but this means they’re probably not building meaningful relationships with their colleagues. 

Getting together in a relaxed and fun environment can help everyone to know each other better and bringing along partners/children makes for a lovely family day out.

Summer parties help to increase employee morale – so it makes complete sense to host one. But just remember it’s NOT work, it’s a PARTY…

Create a theme: Themes make the party memorable and more fun for everyone. Don’t be afraid to try new things and mix it up.

Good food: Ban the micro-meals & pot-noodles for a day and stray as far away from office eating as you can – stick to your theme if you’ve got one.

Drink (responsibly please): Whether you got an open bar or not, make a wide variety of drinks available, but be sure to promote responsibility over alcohol and try not to let it become a booze bash.

Entertain: Ensure there are a few party games and situations where your guests have to get involved and communicate with each other.

Share: Take plenty of snaps and put the best one onto your website News Feed or your Facebook Page – you may attract some new talent from showcasing your company culture!

Here’s one of ours…

Photo Board



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