The Importance of Work Friendships

It’s essential for every company and business out there to understand that positive employee relationships can be a huge benefit to their efficiency and overall performance.

Provide enough time and space in a workday for employees to stretch their legs, get away from their desk, make a cuppa, take a breather, indulge in some small talk and maybe sit outside… this all helps toward building a foundation for friendship.

Employees with friends at the office tend to enjoy coming to work more which increases office morale which usually decreases absenteeism & turnover rate – exactly what any business would and should want!

Just be aware, there are times when relationships with colleagues can become difficult. These are the top two tricky situations you should be prepared for…

  1. Ensure you are hiring or promoting for the right reasons and not just because of their friendship/family ties with someone in the company… You must take into account every candidate’s skill sets and experience and choose who is the best fit – whether that’s the friend or not.
  2. Most companies don’t know how to react if employees enter into a romantic relationship, especially if it’s against company policy… Understand what your own policies are, and put a strategy in place for how it would be handled if/when it happened.

Motivation comes from working on things we care about. It also comes from working with people we care about. ~ Sheryl Sandberg

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