Importance of Job Titles & Descriptions

Jobs change frequently, but perhaps the work title or the job description didn’t follow… the question is, does it matter?

In short, YES!

For the current employee, updated titles and job descriptions can be extremely beneficial when it comes to working efficiently and with confidence. If you earned yourself a promotion then this should be recognised in more than just new responsibilities – your company should also award you with a better suited title and your job description should be renewed to account for your latest skills and experiences.

Revising these details allows the employee and employer to be on the same page in terms of requirements and expectations… ultimately, it’s a lot easier to understand and address why you are or aren’t getting a raise when comparing reality to the specific job duties set out in the description.

And, for HR/Hiring managers looking for a new recruit, the title and description of the open role is a key element to the hiring process; it helps the hiring team to quickly identify whether or not applicants meet the job requirements and interview questions can be formed from real work examples, meaning the candidate with the best matching capabilities can be hired. Furthermore, the job description can be used as a checklist to help the successful placement understand and complete all aspects of their new job.


People will use your job title to quickly understand what you do and your level of expertise and authority, so you need to make sure that you’re being properly represented. Make sure that you are happy with your title, and if you’re not then negotiate a new one!

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