Planning to Retain

At some point, key performers are going to leave the company. It’s something every HR manager, team leader and business owner will deal with during their career – unfortunately for them!

But, this just demonstrates how crucial it is to have an action plan in place to deal with their potential exit (so you know exactly how to fight to retain them).


Poor Relationship with Manager?  Coach your managers to set expectations, communicate often and encourage team participation and success.

Money Competition? – Put into perspective what the cost will be if you have to adjust the team/company to replace the employee – their value is something that you should review at least annually.

Distance & Commute Issues? Consider flexible hours/schedules and see if their work can be done from home, if it can, consider making this an available option.

Childcare Problems? Figure out what net income would make it worthwhile for the employee to stay and pay this, or offer part-time work until full-day school starts, or consider subsidising day care as an employee benefit.

Relocation? If possible, employers could telecommute, work from home, or work as a consultant. If this isn’t possible, let them know how much you appreciate them and that you’ll find a place for them if they ever want to return.

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