Benefits of Flexible Working

By giving your staff the freedom to work from home could make them healthier, more productive and more loyal.

By not even considering flexible working you may be demoralising your employees, damaging your reputation with job seekers and maybe even losing your top performers to companies that do offer it… uh-oh!

Here’s what I believe are the top ten benefits:

In terms of the way it can affect your hiring needs…

ONE. Current employees who do not currently have the opportunity to work from home may be willing to fewer raises in salary if it were available to them.

TWO. Head-hunting top talent from competitors may not necessarily result in a higher salary because the benefit of flexible working makes up for it.

THREE. You are able to hire without worrying too much about local geographic limits.

FOUR. Millennials (especially difficult to retain) are particularly attracted to flexible work arrangements.

In terms of the way it can affect the environment…

FIVE. It usually takes quite a lot of cars off the road, reducing traffic and pollution (and road rage).

In terms of the way it can affect your employees…

SIX. When employees work from home they save money on everything (utility bills, petrol costs, car insurance, health insurance, etc.).

SEVEN. The time that they save from commuting then allows time to eat better meals (breakfast is supposedly the most important of the day) and exercise more regularly.

EIGHT. Employees who don’t experience the stress of a long commute, office interruptions & clashing personalities can get their work completed  faster and to a high standard.

NINE. Decreasing absenteeism/spread of illness (preventing contagious employees from spreading germs around the office).

TEN. Childcare costs may also be reduced, making for happier employees.

So, what are you waiting for?

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