Taking on University Leavers

Never hired a graduate? Perhaps it’s time that you considered the benefits…

  • Lower salaries than experienced hires
  • Open to new ideas and ways of working
  • Increase diversity within the team
  • Strong transferable skills
  • Up to date specialist or technical skills
  • Immediate financial return

Ultimately, they are more than happy to dive in at the deep end!

OK, so I’ve sold them to you? Now you need to know how to go about recruiting them and what to look for…

Recruit at career fairs, on-campus, employee referral programs and by advertising on graduate websites and the usual job boards.

Market/sell your company and jobs; provide information on your company mission and all the opportunities you have available to encourage more applications. More specifically, discuss the day-to-day responsibilities & expectations of the roles.

Skills (lack of) should never be an issue; graduates are among the best at transferring “soft skills” (i.e. problem solving, self motivation, time management, leadership, communication) to any position.

Help them by introducing them to employees with similar backgrounds and experiences (e.g. previous graduates) and assign an experienced peer as a mentor during the training process.


Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders. ~ Tom Peters


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