Post-Interview Follow Up Practices

It is never a bad idea to let a company know you appreciate their time and consideration for their job opportunity, making post-interview follow-up a very wise decision.

Depending on the company, role and hiring team your follow-up could differentiate you from other applicants, meaning you could be the one that they remember for all the right reasons.

1. The “thank you”.

A hand-written letter or note is the most personal method, but you would have to drop this into their office for it to have any influence; with the speed of hiring (and the speed of mail) it is unlikely that your interviewer would receive a letter that had been posted before they have made the decision of who to hire.

Well written emails are the recommended method – you are able to write the email immediately after your interview and it will be with them in an instant. Emails are also the perfect opportunity to ask any follow-up questions you might not have asked during the interview as they can reply straight back to you with answers.

2. The “next steps”.

This inquiry for further clarification is also best received via email, just ensure you are not being too pushy, i.e. if timelines were clearly defined at interview then be sure to respect those arrangements.

However, if done properly, this follow-up can help hiring managers decide between candidates as it can reinforce how excited you are about the role and company.

3. The “big mistake”.

If you make contact multiple times in only a short period of time then this is a huge red flag. There is a line between wanting to be kept in the loop and calling for updates every day after your interview…


After every interview that you have you should be contacting your agency or hiring manager and showing them gratitude for the time spent on you.

If the interview went well then you are building relationships with the team from the get-go, and if the interview didn’t go the way you wanted then at the very least you are being considerate and respectful.


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