How To: Get Noticed in your Network

Whether you are looking for a job or just wanting to keep your options open, it’s very important to stay visible to potential employers and influencers within your industry and network.

Job seeker or not, put yourself out there to be seen. If you aren’t visible, hiring managers and recruiters won’t be able to find you, meaning you may be missing out on many opportunities!

Here are our suggestions that will help you get the right kind of attention (without applying for a job):

– Do you have a specific company you would like to work for? If yes, connect with as many people as you can currently working there; follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (comment, share, retweet and like)

– Write engaging LinkedIn posts or create a blog that covers your industry and adds professional insight

– Socialise and be active in as many relevant networking events as you can attend, or volunteer on a trade association board or event committee to stay on the pulse


Be known and be connected, just remember to remain professional throughout… you never know who may be watching or listening. Hopefully your visibility will get you places!

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