Happy Halloween!

There are many factors that can cause fear on Halloween, but the question is… should it be a “thing” in the workplace?

For some, this is an immediate yes – it’s a great opportunity to grow your employer brand, retention, and culture. However, for others, it’s a cause for terror and a massive distraction for a commercial occasion…

If you’ve got some office shenanigans for the spooky holiday, hopefully you’ll have taken the following into consideration first:

– Not everyone believes in or enjoys the day and others may just be too busy with their workload to join in with any fun and games that you may have organised. You should allow them to opt out if they don’t want to or don’t have the time to get involved.

– Don’t expect a normal day of productivity! To counterbalance the inevitable distractions, we hope you’ll have completed all work under deadlines prior to Halloween.

Perhaps something to include next time – work competitions with themed prizes to ensure there is still some focus (e.g. most sales made, most calls logged, etc.).

– If you’ve allowed staff to dress-up for the occasion, to prevent any unnecessary wardrobe malfunctions or mishaps, we hope you’ll have made everybody aware what costumes are and aren’t acceptable!

We hope you enjoy the day, whatever you may be doing, and stay safe this Halloween.



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