How To: Attract Millennials to your Jobs

Whilst this may be true of many job seekers, millennials in particular are not only interested in the advertised job but the culture of the company is very important to them as well.

Therefore, it’s worth mentioning in the job ad any events that are a part of your company culture so as to attract appreciative or like-minded talent. For example, if your company volunteers and/or donates to charitable causes, has weekly sports matches, or offers monthly office socials then these should encourage higher interest from those more suitable for your business environment.

It’s also worth including a section that explains why job seekers should work for you; further highlight the perks your company offers to it’s employees (local discounts, gym membership, work from home, half-day Fridays, casual dress, etc.). If your websites News feed or Blog showcases these benefits or your company culture then try including your web address on any job board posts for prospective candidates to view.

And, whilst it’s important to entice job seekers with your branding and benefits, you must ensure that you have provided enough information about the skills needed so that you receive suitable applicants. Include all key factors needed to succeed in the job and highlight the type of experience/skills required.

And finally, one last piece of advice…

Writing a job ad that attracts millennials is important in this day and age – but it doesn’t matter how good the ad is if they can’t find it! Most of the current job seeking force are using their mobiles to search for their next role, so ensure your job is posted on job boards with a mobile-friendly site or app.


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