New Year Job Hunting

LinkedIn is a very useful tool for us recruitment professionals. It is the ideal shop window for peeping at talented candidates and connecting with dream clients, and it allows us to educate ourselves in our chosen fields, market our capabilities and network with millions of potential leads.

But, we are fully aware that it can also be the stomping ground for the recruitment haters who have many a tale of how they have been mistreated, misrepresented and generally have a very low opinion of the recruitment industry as a whole…

We understand it can be difficult not to tar all recruitment companies with the same brush whilst also being aware that there are a few bad eggs out there. At the end of the day, it comes down to professionalism, communication & trust.

If you (the job seeker) put the effort into building a good relationship with a few key consultants then you can trust that when you send your updated CV through to them they will read it and try their best to find you a role. This is a far better use of your time then finding 20+ email addresses and bashing your CV out with a generic script and crossed fingers…

Quality over quantity!

Your profile, CV and references are valuable and worth a lot to the correct organisation, so do not give them away to people that you will likely not hear back from. Instead, use your time wisely, do your research on LinkedIn to find the recruitment companies that recruit within your chosen field or speciality and make connections with the consultants best suited to help you.

Take a few minutes to search LinkedIn and you’ll find a mass of contacts from your current and previous employers, clients, education, etc. These all have the potential to help you in your job search, as well as being a brilliant source of references and recommendations for your profile.

Ensure your profile is complete, add all new skills, actively look for connections, build your network and consider all the options available to you via LinkedIn – but, don’t forget about finding recruitment agencies or consultants that you can trust (they are a huge proportion of professionals using LinkedIn to find job seekers).

Good luck to all that are looking for a career change this 2017!



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