How To: Become a Great Mentor

Mentors provide valuable guidance on decision-making and career management that might not be available elsewhere. Being a mentor means you must be dedicated to your mentees success and this means setting time aside, agreeing on and committing to targets, and reviewing progress together.

The key to being a great mentor is to be honest with your feedback & direction and ensure your mentee completes the tasks you’ve set – holding them accountable to their goals will encourage self-motivation and allow them to see their own growth and value.

Here’s our mentor check-list of everything you should be doing:

1. Make all tasks and assignments measurable so that you can keep track of your mentee’s progress, but also so that your mentee can be are aware of what they need to be doing to succeed.

2. Show patience and listen with understanding – it’s important that your mentee feels encouraged to offer input (ideas, suggestions and responses) and that they are allowed to think creatively when offering solutions and responding to problems.

3. Have regular one-on-one meetings with your mentee where you can discuss progress, give constructive feedback (that challenges rather than discourages), and set future goals together.

Professionals of all ages and at all levels can benefit from having a mentor. Any individual wanting to advance to the next level of their career, or those looking to make a complete career change, might be especially welcoming of your advice and guidance through the next chapter of their working life.

Mentoring can be a truly rewarding experience for both the mentor and the mentee, and whilst sometimes challenging, a great mentor knows that the time and effort put into the partnership is well worth it.


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