10 Reasons You Should Hire an Apprentice

In certain industries and professions, apprentices bring substantial value and can be very beneficial for businesses in numerous ways.

Apprenticeships are an excellent way to test out employees prior to offering a full-time role, as well as encouraging qualified and well-trained workforces.

An apprenticeship works best when a company has a specific role to fill and is able to provide guidance and support for the entire duration of the training. Apprentices have proven to be key for many quickly growing start-up companies, as these have much to gain, but it’s not just start-ups that can benefit.

All businesses are likely to find that apprentices…

…can bring additional diversity of both background and opinion;

…supply modern & innovative ideas that help businesses prepare for future generations;

…can lead to a significant increase in employee retention;

…bring a sense of competitiveness and can make the workplace more productive;

…often make a valuable contribution to the business during their training period (quick returns);

…influence consumer choices – with most consumers favouring businesses that invest in young talent;

…can undergo their training in the workplace – so there is little disruption to normal business operations;

…are usually government funded, meaning that businesses may only have to pay for their salary and not their training;

…can be much more cost-effective than hiring skilled staff by reducing recruitment & training costs;

…often transition to management positions within the company!

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