Need New Talent? Up your Company Culture!

Company culture is often priority to in-demand employees as they are well aware that many employers can meet their compensation requirements… but only the companies with a compelling workplace environment & employee focus will be of interest to them.

But, first of all, what is company culture?

Company culture covers factors such as working conditions & hours, employee work-life balance, a team approach to decision-making and the physical space of the company, among others.

What is the reason for company culture?

A good company culture makes your company desirable to work for, as well as enhancing productivity, recruiting efforts and overall employee retention. At the end of the day, a happy & motivated workforce is more likely to achieve both corporate and personal career goals, which benefits both employer and employee.

How does company culture attract talent?

The idea is that work doesn’t have to be long, hard and boring. Employers, through good company culture, can provide an atmosphere that is fun and productive. Employees wish to be a part of a company that promotes meaningful work, supports the communities it impacts, runs charity fundraising campaigns, holds frequent team-building exercises or organises company-wide celebrations (to name a few factors).

If you are clear with what your company culture includes then this will surely attract candidates who feel they would be a good cultural fit.

So, how do you build a strong company culture?

  • Professional development and training
  • Recognition and career growth opportunities
  • Rewards (half-days, incentives, etc.)
  • Attractive and competitive salaries & benefits
  • Innovation-friendly office culture
  • Team-driven working environment
  • Continual communication & feedback

You must find out what makes your employees tick and adjust your company culture offering appropriately – in no time you will have a strong culture that represents your company well and new talent will be looking to join your team!


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