Thinking About a Career Change?

Unhappy with your current job situation & having second thoughts about sticking it out with your company?

Whilst switching career may seem like a great idea when you’re unhappy you must ask yourself… is starting over really the best option for you?

Love your job responsibilities but your bosses or colleagues are bringing you discontent?

Benefits, salary, location or working hours are getting you down?

Unhappy with the fundamentals of the industry or job itself – the day-to-day responsibilities, lack of progression or opportunities?

Do you feel you have more to offer your company? Maybe you’re overdue a promotion? Or perhaps you can take on a challenging new project or volunteer for new responsibilities?

Sometimes all it takes is a little effort and asking the right questions to change your situation around! Try discussing your situation with your current employer and see if you can come to a solution together.

Communicating honestly about the issues you are facing really can help to bring the situation to light for your employer (they may not have realised how you felt!) and gives them a chance to understand and put together a plan to give you your spark back.

Communication is so important and could ultimately give you the flexibility, praise, mentoring, promotion or advice you need to get your career back on track.

At the end of the day, if you don’t ask you don’t get!


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