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I was asked recently by someone interested in sourcing talent for our business, “What is it about Russell Taylor’s culture that makes it a great place to work?”

Now, this isn’t something I have ever really sat down and thought about. So, first of all, I needed to understand what exactly is a company’s culture?

To me, culture isn’t just about the values attitude and behaviours we adopt. Or about the crazy unicycles in the office, stand up desks, games tables, beer on tap, or even nap rooms – don’t get me wrong, I know different things motivate different people.

I think culture is more of a feeling than a list of our values, incentives or benefits and perks. It is the feeling of actually being valued by your company. Knowing that you are a significant member of the “family”, the team, the crew. Being empowered to do the role, your role, in the best way you know how. Being trusted to try new things and make decisions without the need for approval.

Now, the Russell Taylor culture, our culture, is to empower, trust, support and nurture. We listen to the needs of our people and try our best to provide what is required to allow us to flourish. Working positively to develop our brand, our client base and our capability. It’s about feeling like you matter to the Directors and CEO just as much as everyone else and more than the bottom line. It’s about being treated as a person, a human and not as a number on a target sheet. It’s about feeling invested in and inspired like you are a part of something bigger than yourself. But, knowing you are integral to the whole and that you matter as much as everyone or anyone within the group.

That’s my thoughts in what Culture is and what Russell Taylor’s culture is. I’d be interested to know what people within my network think a company’s culture is and whether they like the sound of ours.

Now, with this in mind, I’m currently looking to further develop our Technical and Engineering functions within RTG and I’m ideally looking for experienced recruiters to join the ‘family’.

If you would like to know more about working for Russell Taylor Group and instead of being KPI driven you want to be delivery and result oriented, please get in touch.

We have satellite offices within Liverpool, London and Manchester and our head office based on ‘the’ Wirral is soon to be a stunningly restored manor house set in its own beautiful gardens. Currently based in Bromborough but all being well we are set to move in by the end of this month.

We will obviously have all the amazing “culture cliché” perks and benefits. Such as a full kitchen and breakout area, gym, bar, pool table, ping pong and foosball as well as a lovely on-site café. We have summer and Christmas parties, black tie dinners, monthly incentives and a yearly holiday for top performers.  I’m still working on the business case for nap rooms although the majority never work late enough for these to be needed.

All of these things don’t make our culture, as that comes from the mentality of our staff and the way we feel about our company. But they certainly do compliment it very nicely.

Should you have recruitment experience and would like to discuss the potential options available, please do get in touch with me today – steven@russell-taylor.co.uk – 07464 542 582 – 0151 304 7034
Ideally, I would like to speak to white collar consultants who are experienced and looking to progress within our Technical and Engineering Division but we have options across all of our divisions at present.
Technical & Engineering / Construction Management / Scientific / Manufacturing / Trades and Labor / Site Projects / Industrial Trades.

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