Optimising your Workspace to Maximise Potential

We all know, productivity is essential in having a successful day in the office.

It is important that the space you have is an environment that you actually WANT to work in, as well as your employees. Creating an appealing working environment will increase staff morale and motivation.

A few tips we can offer you:

– Keep the area light and bright. In terms of wall colours, neutral colours (light colours and whites) will work wonders to brighten the area but that isn’t to say you can’t include splashes of colour in your workspace. In terms of lighting, try to maximise as much natural light as you can. It has been proven to help workers be more productive.

– Chairs really do make the difference to your employees. If you are sitting for 8 hours a day, comfortable and ergonomic chairs are a blessing when faced with a wooden alternative. If you have the space, perhaps a chill-out zone with comfy sofa could be just what your workers need for a bit of down-time.

– Consider offering desks that are a bit… different. For office workers, we probably sit at our desks for far too long with not enough breaks. So perhaps look into height-adjustable or even standing desks, a modern and innovative solution to improving not only worker productivity, but also their health!

– Greenery can help. Research has shown that exposure to nature increases worker happiness and productivity, whilst also reducing stress. If your window views don’t look out onto trees, perhaps place some plants around the office.

– Storage and organisation is a big one. As the saying goes, a tidy desk is a tidy mind. Good storage options means that the workspace can be kept neat, and less clutter means less distractions and more productivity. Cleanup time might even serve as a productive break from work when you need one!


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