How To: Keep your Inbox Organised

Do you come into work with a feeling of dread about how many new emails will be added to your 300+ existing ones? Or maybe you find yourself stressing because you cannot find that one email you really need because it’s lost in folders within folders of “organisation”.

It is 100% possible to keep a clean inbox. Easy email maintenance here we come…

STEP 1) Create 4 new folders:

  • Action – For emails that require a timely response (you can flag these as well to give yourself reminders).
  • To Do – These emails require your attention but they are not high priority.
  • Follow Up – You’ve replied to the email but it requires further action, either from yourself or someone you are waiting on.
  • Archive – This is where all of your processed email should be moved to.

(Drag these folders into your Favourites so that they sit at the top of your side navigation – alternatively you can rename them to have “@” at the beginning of the folder name)

STEP 2) Search your inbox for emails that you know require a response, then categorise them by moving them to either Action, To Do or Follow Up folders.

STEP 3) All emails that remain (that do not require a response) move to your Archive folder.

Now sit back and enjoy having an empty Inbox before a new one pops in…

Remember, your inbox is a place to process and sort – so when an email comes in, if you can reply in under two minutes then do it immediately. If not, use these new folders!

With this system in place, it’s important to set aside time each week to go through them and ensure out-dated items aren’t piling up. Our suggestion would be to empty your inbox every day before you leave the office. In doing this, you’ll be surprised at how on top of things you’ll feel.

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