Company Philanthropy – Why Support Charity?

Well, we’re more than half way through 2015 (it’ll be Christmas before you know it –– sorry!) and we’re slowly but surely taking donations for our charity of choice, Alder Hey Children’s Charity.

We’ve given ourselves the challenge of raising £10,000, which is enough to pay for a family-friendly bedroom at the new Alder Hey Hospital. Our Marketing Co-Ordinator has been especially busy re-vamping our Just Giving page, making sure everyone in the office has a new email signature, researching fun events to take part in and – most importantly – getting everyone psyched up for that SKY DIVE I mentioned last week!

But i’m not here to ask you to donate (although that would be awfully kind of you), i’m here to ask you if your company is supporting a charity this year?

And if not, why not? 

Whether you’re part of a large organisation or a small business, charity work holds quite a few advantages for both employer and employee:

  • Working together and supporting charity not only builds morale, but it creates camaraderie and a sense of unity/purpose. This makes work life enjoyable whilst also keeping motivation up.
  • Charity work opens a door to a large community of like-minded individuals and companies which means that you can get involved in networking events and opportunities that you may not have been aware of before.
  • Having a goal to work toward, and a reason to strive for success, is something that can be used to as part of your marketing strategy (get the word out on social media and you’ll see that there is a ton of support and recognition out there).
  • Fund-raising together, achieving goals and completing challenging or fun events results in a personal or group sense of pride, satisfaction and happiness.

There are so many charities to choose from that finding one that means something to you or has a link to your company should be easy enough and raising money/awareness for whichever charity you end up choosing is easily done: bake sale, profit donations, raffles, auction evenings, collection buckets. There are even more elaborate fundraising opportunities out there (they may take a bit more planning and perhaps a registration fee but can result in a large amount of donations): sponsored walks, marathons, bike rides, or even overseas treks.

So, I ask you again, if not why not? 

“No one has ever become poor from giving.” ~ Anne Frank

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