An Interview With… Chris Harding

Not so long ago we had a pretty awesome interview with CV Library, and it got me thinking… Russell Taylor is full of friendly and interesting people (or at least we like to think so), so why not conduct my own interview series?

I spent a bit of time rustling up some questions and then I chose my first victim; despite being one of our newest additions to Team RT, Chris was totally game for a bit of fun (hence the “granny smile”) which is exactly the kind of employee we like to have with us!

He joined the Construction Management team as a Candidate Resourcer and, I for one, would be very intrigued to invite him to a party (read your way down to his bonus question to find out why…)

How did you get into Russell Taylor?

My CV was passed on by an old colleague of mine. Then it was just a case of running the Amanda/Ben gauntlet.

What would you be doing if you hadn’t joined RT?

I’d be in recruitment somewhere but not with this strong of a team and culture.

OK, so, I got a bit bored of the industry related questions (yes, I know I only managed two)..

Favourite ice-cream flavour?

Mint chocolate chip. But, if I was trying to impress… Pistachio.

(I personally don’t see whats wrong with his first answer!)

Most expensive drunken spend and what were you drinking?

I was in Dubai and ended up having a £200 night…. I was only drinking tinnies… escalated quickly. Majority of the spend was on taxis trying to find my mates I lost in my drunken state.

Three wishes you’d wish if a genie appeared?

£1 Billion, Pokemon to be real… and I feel you have to say world peace otherwise people would never forgive you.

What song is in your head right now?

Uptown funk’s on the radio, can’t hate Bruno.

How long can you go without tea/coffee?

8 hours (sleeping) couldn’t function otherwise.

What is your favourite joke?

Why did the scarecrow get a promotion?… he was outstanding in his field.

Favourite holiday you’ve had so far, and why?

I was in the States for 2 summers…

1) Dunkin Donuts

2) Being told I sound like Harry Potter

Bonus Question (different for each interviewee for a bit of variation)

What is your best party trick?

Eyelids inside out… Talent’s a talent.

Thanks for reading, hopefully you found this as fun as I did and if you fancy leaving a comment below, please feel free – even better, suggest some new quirky questions that I could use in future interviews!

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