A Birthday Interview With… Ben Russell!

Would you look at that – what a perfectly timed blog post – it’s our directors birthday today!

Happy Birthday Ben!

We managed to grab a quick 5 minutes (literally, it was just 5 minutes) to get a few answers from him that tie into our ‘An Interview With’ series.

As it is your Birthday are you going to tell us how old you are?

34 years young

What is the most important thing about your Birthday?


We’d hoped it would be the cake we’d gotten him… we sure enjoyed it.

What would you be doing if you hadn’t started up Russell Taylor Group?

Car Dealer

No doubt there, he has a strong passion for fast and fancy cars.

Favourite ice-cream flavour?

Cinder Toffee

We’re assuming Nicholls of Parkgate… it is one of the best!

How long can you go without tea/coffee?

About an hour

What is your favourite joke?

What do you call a fish without any eyes…?

He didn’t even give us the answer!

Favourite holiday you’ve had so far and why?

Santorini – chilled, smart, good food and wine

The picture is just for you Ben – now sit back, relax and think of Santorini!!


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