Apprenticeship Benefits

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~ Nelson Mandela

If you know exactly what career you want then you may find that a degree is an absolute necessity, and it is a fantastic qualification to hold which can really aid your working life – even if you change your mind and decide to become an Accountant after completing a Physics degree (which happens a lot actually!)

One very interesting thing to note though is how Apprenticeships compare…

GCSEs (grades D-G) NVQ Level 1
O Levels / GCSEs (grades C and above) NVQ Level 2
AS / A Levels NVQ Level 3
HNC / HND & Foundation Degree NVQ Level 4
Masters Degree NVQ Level 5

Now, this doesn’t include other qualifications like Awards, Certificates and Diplomas, but the main point I’m trying to make is: you can get a degree equivalent without ever going to University.

The top benefits of Apprenticeships:

  1. No student loans or tuition fees = no debt!
  2. Earn whilst you work (including paid holidays)
  3. Enter the working world earlier than graduates
  4. Suitably paced – no max time limit for completion (within reason)
  5. Extra support whilst building up your skill-base and confidence


As I said above, there are roles out there that necessitate a degree – but maybe the career/sector you’re looking to get into is more than happy accepting you with something else instead.

Research your options, people!

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