Interview Prep Tips – for the Interviewer

Trying to cram 5 days work into 4 days is a bit of a pain after a lovely Easter weekend, and clearly I wasn’t all that prepared for a nice & early blog post like usual! Definitely don’t make the same mistake I did when it comes to interviewing – like everyone says – preparation really is key.

Now, you may remember a similar blog post from last November – but here it is again… from the clients perspective.



Get a good night sleep, eat healthy (definitely no alcohol – not that you should be drinking on a school night!) and give yourself plenty of time to get your usual work completed before the interview – if you are late to work and in a bad mood because you’ve been rushing all morning then this will reflect badly on yourself and the company you work for. First impressions are important!



If you don’t usually, be sure to leave your phone on overnight so that you don’t miss any early calls or texts in case your interviewee cancels on you. You should leave it on all the way up until you are in the meeting room and conducting the interview for this very reason. Obviously don’t take any calls during the interview as this is very unprofessional, and again, first impressions…



Your applicants should have supplied you with previous employer references. It is very useful to contact these references before the first interview so that you can discuss your findings with the candidate and ask any questions you may have. If you’re getting a bad feeling from reference call give the candidate a chance to explain – and then you can pass judgement!

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