How to Write the Best Job Ads

Everyone wants to hire the best candidates, understandably, but to attract the crème de la crème you have to ensure you have the most eye catching job posts out there!

Think about it, if you are applying for a job and come across ads on social media, you will automatically skim past the ones that have dry, long information on the top line.

People want to be enticed into a job, so take a quick read on our top tips to entice!


  1. Short job title – Make sure the job title is relevant to the job, and explains itself in a few words. Avoid any ambiguous job titles. If a job title is lines and lines long, people will be intimidated by all the writing, and skip to the next job ad, then you have instantly lost another prospective candidate. The title should be appealing and understandable. It is important that you don’t use jargon that is known internally within the company; use generic wording, so a prospective candidate can come across the job on their search engine easily. Optimise the use of keywords so your ad is ‘searchable’ online.


  1. Short, snappy words – Use phrases such as ‘fab opportunity’ or ‘hot job’ to attract the attention of your candidate. If candidates are skimming a job board and see a ‘hot job’, they will be more intrigued to find out why


  1. Location – This is highly important, as most people refine a job search with their location. Include the town/city/region/country.


  1. Salary – This is sometimes tricky and often up for debate, as some companies don’t want to advertise the salary if it is low for the job being done. However, if the salary is about the going rate, or above, then shout about it. Candidates are most interested in the money they can earn, so include this in the first line of the ad. Remember, job seekers are less likely to apply if there is no information on the salary.


  1. Rewards – If there are any company benefits, advertise these early on. Prospective candidates want to know of any rewards they can expect from working with you rather than a competitor. For example, a company car or bonuses. These should be near the top of the ad, so candidates are drawn in instantly!


  1. Job overview – Write approximately 40 words solely on the job in question. Keep it short and sweet, allowing the candidate to assess instantly whether or not this is something they could see themselves doing


  1. Roles and responsibilities – This section can be a little longer, explaining the roles and responsibilities expected of the candidate. Keep this section concise, people get bored quickly (especially when job seeking!), so break up text with bullet points, use short paragraphs and use subheadings to separate information.


  1. Contact Information – Ensure it is clear to all prospective candidates on how to apply and who they can contact for more information, otherwise you will end up with no applications!



So there you have it, eight top tips to ensure your job ads are standing out from the crowds and (hopefully) attracting the best talent. It is important to ensure your job application is welcoming. Unwelcoming applications often lead candidates to assume this is a portrayal of perhaps an unwelcoming company. And no one wants to work for an unwelcoming company! If you stick to these simple top tips, your applications should be booming!

Best of luck!

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