Happy 10th Birthday RT!

This November we are doing something special and never-before-done at RT. Which makes sense because we’re only 10 once!

Our lovely events/marketing co-ordinator, Georgie, decided she wanted to have 10 days of charity-challenge-celebration madness… and so that’s what we’re getting.

Starting next week, we’ll have a special treat every day for 10 days, and here are a few of them to look forward to (this is the first sneak-peek for the rest of RT too!):

Drop & Give Me 10 

A shout-out every 1-2 hours where everyone in the office must complete 10… press-ups? jumping jacks? Who knows! But if they don’t do them then they pay the charity fine!

Ban the Buzzwords

We’re quite vigilant when we want to be – and when it’s trying to catch your colleagues out and make them pay for it we’re on the ball. The buzzwords are yet to be chosen but i’m sure they’ll be some tricky ones for us not to say for the day.

…Birthday Cake!

Because a celebration isn’t a celebration without cake.

As it’s quite a special event, we’ll likely have some more serious coverage that gets posted elsewhere – keep an eye on our website’s news page – but you know me, I’m more for the fun and games!

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